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Adobe Elements Welcome Screens

As an Adobe vendor for the Adobe Elements Products, I led the implementation of interactive and motion graphic content for the in product Welcome Screens for Adobe Photoshop and Premiere Elements for users 8-13 software programs.

As well as leading the complex implementation and testing in AS3 for highly visible consumer facing marketing screen, I developed omniture tracking that resulted in analytical understanding of interaction that helped focus on the needs of the user. The following is a sample of some in product welcome screens that were fully functional within the software.

Adobe Revel - App Tutorial

Click controls to play audio and video. This is a simple video tutorial for the new Revel App.




















Premiere Elements 10 - Animated Logo

This is an example of one of the logo animations in Welcome Screens.




















Photoshop Elements - New Product Features

New Product launches involved complex screens with new product features.





















Photoshop Elements - New Product Features

My integration of analytics led to shorter, discrete screens featuring software updates.





















Photoshop Elements - Holiday Special Upgrade Offer

Throughout the year Holiday Special offers Ads were displayed to encourage user upsell to new versions.





















Photoshop Elements - New Product Features

New Product launches involved the creation of complex animated screens demonstrating new product features designed to encourage users to upgrade to the latest version.